Congrats to Me

Solo Show · needy lover · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere

Global temperatures are rising, refugees are being denied human rights, democracy is unraveling and….. women everywhere are STILL SINGLE!!! And they’re doing absolutely everything they can! How can this be? What is a girl to do?!

In an unhinged solo show that’s equal parts cabaret act, standup set, and first date, a straight-cis-upper-middle-class-white woman tries to figure out why America and men don’t love her back. Desperate to be the “ideal woman," find love and get fuuuuuucked — she keeps stumbling over white feminist rhetoric on her way to falling victim to the patriarchy. This one woman extravaganza invites the audience to laugh at how seriously we take ourselves and the harmful gender narratives that are ingrained in us by American media, politics, and our mothers.

Production Team

zoe lesser *

director and producer

lulu fairclough-stewart *

writer and performer

* Fringe Veteran