Annie Sprinkle Project

Solo Show · n/a · Ages 18+ · United States of America

includes nudity one person show world premiere
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June 26, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

Sophia LaPaglia’s performance was—shall I say it?—a tour-de-force! Docu-theatre is a fairly new genre of theatre that incredibly merges the world of theatre and reality. I would love to see more productions like this.

What I didn't like

I know the artist was working with poor audio from the original video. Anyway to find a better version or louder version? Even without it, though, Sophia LaPaglia did really well with what she had so…KUDOS!

My overall impression

I was totally impressed by the Sophia LaPaglia’s performance. The show had me laughing, crying and completely in awe of not only the performance but also the subject matter. I have a deeper understanding and appreciation for Annie Sprinkle. This show will change your world perspective. It deserves a wider audience!

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