F#@% Julie!

stacking doll productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

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June 07, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

Excellent writing and performances from the two protagonists and offstage actors.

What I didn't like

Interested to see how it improves over subsequent performances!

My overall impression

In F#@% Julie, Louie Rinaldi and Zoe Tyson present a punchy, dynamic script that indulges the more insidious and fantastical reaches of Hollywood transgressions, but is rooted in the lived experience of both protagonists. Well-organized and finely paced, even its more ironic or impossible subjects inspire genuine pathos. The jokes are clever and well-placed, and both Tyson and Rinaldi deliver formidable performances as two on-the-cusp children’s book authors. Offstage performances by Dani Colucci and Ryan Semmelmayer are a highlight. A great example of LA’s reinvigorated indie theatre scene.

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