Mr. Chonkers

Solo Show · john norris · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show

It’s a solo show. A clown show. Absurd. Simple. Outrageous. Stupid. Fun. It’s terrible. An important waste of your time. It’s great. Please strongly consider all of this information before coming.

Created and performed by John Norris
Directed by Corey Podell

Info about John Norris: He is a person who has a background in clown, theater, improv, and sketch comedy. Performed at all sorts of festivals and acted in and created all sorts of projects. This is his debut solo hour and he’s seeing how this goes before he decides whether or not he will keep doing “clown shows” at “fringe festivals” or quit everything and go become a ski instructor or billionaire or salesman or something. Like a CBD salesman? I dunno… Come on out and see what all the HOT INDUSTRY BUZZ is about!!!

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Production Team

* Fringe Veteran