The Irish Curse

Comedy · pit 32 productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

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June 21, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

I thought the actor playing Kieran did an admirable job given the cast he was playing with.

What I didn't like

Better direction and hiring actors that know that indicating their inner lives is not acting.

My overall impression

I’m so sorry to have to say this because I am a HUGE fan of this play. I have seen it in NYC and, again, out here in LA, but this version was filled with the most unabashedly indicated acting I have ever seen. Most of the actors were mugging their way through this performance, so aware of their “affect” on the audience , and therefore robbed us of the true comedy, the lovely deep sensitive moments these men were feeling underneath their bravado.

I must blame the director for this mess for he or she allowed the actors to perform in this way- even allowing the priest to offer his opening “welcome” (to the group) performed for us, the audience, as if we were in the room. It was so weird and completely took away from the intimacy of the sacred group room. Again, played for us rather than the authenticy of the play.

I left the theatre feeling sorry for Mr. Casella, for his wonderful nuanced play deserves a better showing than this.

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