Cleo Universe

Comedy · lights karma action! productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere

*IMPORTANT: Proof of vaccination and photo ID or a negative test result conducted within 48 hours (24 hours if taking an antigen test) required for entry into any theater in the Fringe Zone. Masking requirements vary show by show so bring your mask with you to every show to guarantee entry! See for more information.


KID-FRIENDLY (PG / PG-13: Some adult themes, on-stage action/violence)

From the Creators of the HFF21 Award-winning Hip Hop Bollywood Musical, DIRTY CHAI ☕💃 comes a Sci-Fi Space Adventure!!! 💫🌠

The year is 3000. Humans have colonized and mined most of the local solar system using wormhole technology but face a new energy crisis…
Even though humans have advanced on the sustainability front, the wealth gap has hit an all-time high, with billions living in poverty on Earth and other planets…
Wormhole Bus mechanic CLEO commutes daily from his low-income housing colony on Mars to his workplace at EON TOWERS on the supergreen planet Earth. Cleo witnesses the murder of his best friend BLIP at the hands of cybernetically-enhanced Smart Cops and is hunted by them. For protection, Cleo joins a rogue group of revolutionaries who promise to help him avenge Blip and expose the corrupt authorities…
But Cleo soon discovers that Blip’s death was just the tip of the iceberg and his failure to expose the truth could lead to the Earth’s destruction! Meanwhile, lanky energy tech mogul and the richest human in the galaxy MAX EON hatches a heinous plot to solve the looming energy crisis…

Production Team

falcon sang *

creator / "cleo"

nikki melendez *

"officer goode" / "pang" / "student"

ruchi kishore *

producer / "olive"

tina vonn *

"floor manager" / "dispatcher"

cj feldbau *

"officer zander" / "cleo's dad"

holly kiger *

"marlena martin"

jennifer dees *

"cleo's mom" / "student #2"

* Fringe Veteran