Teaching a Robot to Love (the Musical)

Musicals & Operas · doubleclicks productions · Ages 8+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere
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MADI GOFF certified reviewer June 05, 2022
tagged as: joyful · Playful · love story · queer · lgbtqia+ · inclusion · Comedy · musical
This show is full of love. It carries powerful themes alongside sharp as hell humor. If you want to laugh, have your heart warmed, and walk away with some deep thoughts, this is exactly the show to see.... full review
MXBIKIL AND ALIXE LANGSHALL certified reviewer June 06, 2022
This show lifted my spirits at a time when I needed it. The themes were delightful. It was good to laugh, cry, and sing along to this gorgeous show with beautiful costumes. ... full review
ORCHID CAMERON certified reviewer June 25, 2022
SEE THIS NOW. It's so good I bought several friends tickets. The music is excellent. The performance is excellent. The costuming is excellent and inspiring. I was truly entertained and blown away by the cleverness of the writing. The dialogue is so funny and I laughed so hard. I love the visual and physical gags that had a vaudevillian twinkle all with punch in the gut social commentary. I can't wait to see what's next for this writer/composer as well as the whole cast. So good!!!... full review
PETER CHIYKOWSKI certified reviewer June 22, 2022
tagged as: fun · catchy · queer · heartfelt · funny
A fun, bombastic, sensitive, heartfelt, funny, catchy musical with a propulsive storyline and fabulous cast.... full review
MO LEWIS certified reviewer June 22, 2022
tagged as: gay AF · futuristic · vibrant · energetic
A joyful, life-affirming show! Catchy, emotionally rich, relatable songs, brought to life by a stellar cast.... full review
WEAVE GEMAR certified reviewer June 21, 2022
Really good... full review
SHARI BARRETT broadway world la, culver city news, better lemons certified reviewer June 21, 2022
tagged as: musical · technology · friendship · LGBQT · acceptance · Love · robot · ensemble
A very modern take on finding love, friendship, and acceptance of others. Dedicated actors with great voices, rainbow-hued costumes, with clever lyrics and choreography in such a small staging area. Kudos to director Ashley Ward for pulling it all together and to the cast for their great enthusiasm and energy.... full review
DARLENE LOPEZ certified reviewer June 21, 2022
The show was very well done going through all the emotions with a great villain and a redeemable pseudo-villain. All robots need love and friendship!... full review
STEVEN KNOX certified reviewer June 21, 2022
This was amazing, This show should be performing in New York. This show is quality. This was amazing show, the story, the music, the characters were great. I am excited to see what the future of this show is.... full review
MIKE FATUM certified reviewer June 21, 2022
tagged as: geeky · nerdy · doubleclicks · Love · robot · heartfelt · musical · Nonbinary · trans · lgbt
I had listened to Teaching a Robot to Love previously on CD when the cast album was released. I knew it was a touching, well written show with a great message about both accepting our trans and nonbinary friends and also about how much capitalism sucks. I did not expect seeing the full show to hit me as hard as it did. An incredibly talented group of people brought together a beautiful show that sits on the line of absurdist comedy, but never crosses it far enough to take away the show's heart. A brilliant, and wonderfully campy, balancing act.... full review