Teaching a Robot to Love (the Musical)

Musicals & Operas · doubleclicks productions · Ages 8+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere

A heartwarming, queer, musical retelling of Frankenstein, TEACHING A ROBOT TO LOVE follows a group of hopeful interns in the big tech city of Nanotropolis, looking for their big break with tech genius billionaire Mr. Norton Norton.

Mary Coral and her mad scientist roommate Faun end up making an extraordinary “sales” robot, Marsh, who quickly grows beyond its initial design. With competitors Lavender and Billie in hot pursuit of the revolutionary AI, the group learns that change can be good, billionaires are bad, and all you really need in life is friends, cheese, and hedgehogs. First they need to make sure Marsh doesn’t destroy the world!

Teaching a Robot to Love is new sci-fi musical about change, friendship, queer love, and what it means to be a person, by Laser Webber and E. Aaron Wilson. The musical’s soundtrack charted on the Billboard Cast Albums chart.

Production Team

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