Ascension Day

gwydion theater company · Ages 16+ · United States of America

Official Winner of the Hollywood Encore Producers Award 2022

Timothy Mason’s ‘Ascension Day’ is a one-act play that runs about 40 minutes total. It examines the different kinds of faith through each character, whether it be faith in the church-community you have been raised in (like our lead character, Faith) or a ridiculous faith in that aliens are speaking to us (like fellow camper, Randy). This play challenges the audiences to reexamine their own longstanding beliefs in all facets and to strive towards curiosity and away from complacency.
A brief synopsis: sisters Faith and Charity are attending Solid Rock Lutheran bible camp in the summer of 1947. While here, they each interact with other campers and slowly develop opposing viewpoints on what the meaning of personal faith has been to them, and how it will effect their life moving forward. As Charity strays away from the comfortable, refined Christian life she has been raised in, Faith struggles with self-doubt and public opinion in relation to her religion, leading her to become hardened and bitter. A clash between the two sisters is eminent, forcing them both to make drastic choices about their future together and their commitments to God.

Production Team

caleb petre *


* Fringe Veteran