Schmaltzy & Princie: Diary of a Not-So-Great Daddy's Girl

Solo Show · soaring solo studios · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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June 18, 2022 certified reviewer
tagged as: comical · funny · warm · tear jerking · riveting · touching

What I liked

I loved the contrast between comedic and dramatic elements. I loved how cleverly she written the characters to be. She gave life the multiple characters (voices) that we all hear and experience on a daily basis. It was an honor to be able to witness this journey of the artist’s living out her dreams, more importantly, keep her promise to her late father. A truly heart-felt and touching piece.

What I didn't like

The artist did absolutely wonderful!!!

My overall impression

Schmaltzy & Prince was an ABSOLUTE treat!

Just as the artist intended to do; to make the audiences laugh, cry, connect, relate, and everything in between, literally.

MaryLee was so raw and vulnerable in her writing and her performance, the audiences were taken through a theatrical journey of her insecurities, guilt, deepest fears, the overcoming of these fears, inspirations, then came the determined aspirations.

For artists and audiences going through the same fear of criticism, rejection, or fear of being vulnerable and putting ourselves out there, this show will hit you to the core.

MaryLee is a talented writer and actor. This show was truly an inspiration and a must see!

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