Herstorically Accurate: Writing Female Narratives

Events & Workshops · liz linkewitz - producer & playwright of mistresses: a new american play · Ages 18+ · United States of America

In this 2 hour workshop from a Hollywood Fringe playwright, participants will write female narratives for the page and stage. Expand your ability to tell women’s stories – from research to character development. The beginning of the workshop will guide participates to craft narratives about their personal perspectives of womanhood (built through their own experiences and/or their connections to loved ones). The next segment will center around retelling women’s history and connecting it to the writer’s own life. The final part of the workshop will focus on creating female characters that are dynamic, poignant and provocative. Open to all genders. 18+ years. All experience levels welcome. Hosted by Liz Linkewitz (MISTRESSES: A New American Play) and other surprise guests.

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