#HFF21 Opening Night Party

Events & Workshops · hollywood fringe festival · Ages 0+ · United States of America

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August 13, 2021 certified reviewer

What I liked

Lots of things, people, events to explore. Loved that there were identifiers of the people as they walked around. Kind of like the Harry Potter Marauders Map. Heard people discussing some of the other shows opening at the Fringe. That was helpful for me to decide what to go see when. Was very excited to find and play the piano. There were helpful and friendly staff to explain how to do things. Like how to find someone at the party you got separated from or how to dance in place – that was cool. Near the tail end of the evening I was able to catch a fun magic show.

What I didn't like

In spite of the helpful staff I did find it a bit difficult to navigate. For example, I stumbled on the piano and the dance floor and only found the bartender and the magician close to the end of the party. That could also be because I’m not familiar enough with GATHER yet. Perhaps if there was one of those large ‘you are here’ overview maps you find at malls? But none of that diminished the fun I was having!

My overall impression

Fun, friendly, new, informative and welcoming.

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