Mike Lane: Mixed Race Sweetie

mike lane · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show
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August 15, 2021 certified reviewer

What I liked

A very funny show overall. He shared so many fascinating stories from his personal life exploring race, family, and identity in delightful ways. I liked the mix between stand up, comedic songs, and storytelling. He had a great natural presence and big energy that kept the show entertaining throughout.

What I didn't like

I liked how Mike changed his setting every once in a while by seamlessly switching to different locations and I would have liked to see that once or twice more just to keep the momentum of the show going. It could have been cool to zoom out at the end in a meta way so the audience could see the whole setting, though definitely not necessary.

I would love for him to include a final song that touches on more elements of his identity and personal journey towards acceptance to wrap up the greater themes of the show :)

My overall impression

Very impressed with and captivated by Mike’s performance! Very well produced and engaging. He made a great use of the virtual setting and added some fun visual/sound elements. Stylistically and tonally, it felt like a mix between Bo Burnam, John Mulaney, and JR de Guzman.

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