If Water Were Present, It Would Be Called Drowning

theatre · john sinner's theatre revelation · Ages 16+ · United States

LA WEEKLY: “The dreamy, poetical quality of the writing and of the imagery is beyond reproach.” “Betsy Moore turns in an exquisite performance . . . with fierce intensity”

LAist: “Check this show out.”
“Moore is perfect.”

Friday June 22 9:30 pm & Saturday June 23 6 pm

BUY TICKETS on-line at http://hff12.org/716
or call (323) 455-4585 or go to Fringe Central Box Office

Performances @ Open Fist Theatre 6209 Santa Monica Blvd., LA 90038

NYTheatre.com: “Good surrealism is hard to pull off. Polished and well crafted, this (work) achieves a near perfect balance. . . . (Betsy) Moore delivers a stellar performance . . . If you’re in the mood for tightly executed surrealism, it would be well worth your time.”

“John Sinner has been one of the prominent exponents of surrealistic theatre in Los Angeles . . . Sinner is the kind of playwright that goes for the throat.” (ReviewPlays.com)

Expanded version of this intense/funny performance work first developed in NYC & at REDCAT Studio.

Surrealist John Sinner’s Theatre Revelation invites you to enter the short-circuiting mind of Lolly, the disintegrating housewife, as she shares her sexual adventures and fantastical schemes to escape domesticity.

Stars Betsy Moore. With Paul Tucci. Written & Directed by John Sinner. Sound & Lights: Matt Richter. Tech Op/Stage Manager: Forrest Lancaster. Video (Sky) – Adam Soch. Video (Kitchen) – Carol Gehring. Costumes – John Sinner. Creative Consultant + Motif XF Music Cues + Art Design & Photo – J. Goodkind. “Japan” Music Cue – Bobby McElver

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran