The Road to Masada - Anti Semitism and Me

Solo Show · mitchell feinstein presents · Ages 18+ · 75 mins · United States of America

one person show
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Review by anonymous

August 24, 2021 certified reviewer
tagged as: inspiring · heartfelt

What I liked

The east coast sentiment surrounding his childhood and descriptives drew me in along with the family dynamics which I can relate to! Who has money, who doesn’t, who wants it, and who has other aspirations? The most touching moment to me was between Mitch and his dad in the car which is set up by an earlier scene between the two of them in the car. I appreciate Mitch’s candor throughout, particularly regarding his mother and her desire for a different lifestyle.

What I didn't like

Having watched the show virtually, the photos on the back screen were difficult to see. Regarding the performance, I love the show overall; however, some moments felt a bit wordy, and at times I had difficulty understanding the dialogue and seeing distinction between the personal ‘interior’ characters he portrayed, such as ‘Money’. It will be exciting to see how the show develops as Mitch continues to perform, now that he has embraced the Artist within!

My overall impression

Receiving a discouraging phone call at the beginning of the pandemic, Mitch travels back in time and location, with a Neil Simon-esque nostalgia, to understand where his drive to become a millionaire lawyer living in Beverly Hills began, and how this need has affected his decisions through his life. As a fellow artist, I am always drawn to other people’s stories of how they face the challenge of finding balance, or gratification, weighing in finances against the creative within, so I enjoyed this honest admission of how he feels perhaps his priorities at times worked against him.

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