La Divina: The Last Interview of Maria Callas

Solo Show · shelley cooper · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show
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August 23, 2021 certified reviewer
tagged as: divine · Spellbinding · chilling

What I liked

The singing…and the acting. Both were great. I don’t want to belittle the spoken performance at all, because it truly was captivating. But that voice…chilling, I literally got chills every time she sang.

What I didn't like


My overall impression

This show has an immediate “wow” factor that carries throughout the show. Without knowing anything about Maria Callas, I feel like a got a true sense of who she is using an interview format that smartly uses pauses and interruptions to her advantage. And then the singing…bellissima. She could easily perform in any opera house around the world. One of the best, if not THE best, show I’ve seen at this year’s Fringe.

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