American Woman

Drama · america's theatre. · Ages 1+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere

“American Woman” :

A drama of twist upon twist.

Building on its New York stage success as “City Suite.”

As deep as first love, as wild as all regret.

A woman falls in love,
executes her young neighbor— to save her,
turns away a daughter abducted by aliens, and
time-travels, burdened with wild regrets, to visit her younger self —
who is about to pledge her whole life to one man.

The action takes place in 6 scenes.

Set in 5 American cities:
ACT I: (His story): (1) New York, (2) Chicago, (3) New Orleans;
ACT II: (Her Story): (4) New York, (5) San Francisco, (6) Atlanta.

6 gut-wrenching twists.

This is a live, workshop production reading.

{Trigger warning: gunshot in Scene 2, gunshot in Scene 3.}

Featuring, in order of appearance,

Aaron Porter as the Young Man,

Ollie Philips as the Man,

Lynn Allinger as the Woman,


Jen Moondancer as the Young Woman.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran