Thom Pain: Based on Nothing

Drama · breakdowns productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show
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METHALY SOQOR uncertified reviewer November 10, 2022
CWSFW... full review
ASBURY DANIEL certified reviewer August 31, 2021
Not knowing much about Thom Pain (based on nothing), I was captivated by the performance of Andrew Loviska as the title character as he erratically speaks of different times of his life. A very well done show not just on the acting level, but as a production as a whole.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer August 29, 2021
tagged as: emotional · Haunting · dream-like · moving
The atmosphere of the play felt like walking through a nightmare and I mean that in the best possible way! I was drawn in by Andrew Loviska’s dynamite performance, who did a great job with the material.... full review
CHRIS KORBIN uncertified reviewer August 28, 2021
tagged as: emotional · powerful
The show is a rambling stream of consciousness that is ups and downs of Thom Pains perception of his life. Despite the often disconnected seeming narrative, it works! We were moved by it and enjoyed it.... full review
KATIE STEINMAN certified reviewer August 18, 2021
tagged as: solo show · Haunting
A haunting and, ultimately, moving experience with great visuals and a fantastic performance from Andrew Loviska.... full review
CRYSTAL GRUETZMACHER certified reviewer August 18, 2021
Brilliantly acted, disturbingly written, and hauntingly relatable, Thom Pain is a memorable experience. I really liked Thom and several times wanted to run up and give him a hug, but in the end I was just grateful not to be living a tortured existence, unhinged by my own mind.... full review
PAUL MAJOR certified reviewer August 08, 2021
tagged as: catharsis · lonely · drama
'Oh what a paradise, living in fear...' Solo plays are not easy feats, and they're largely not for audiences unwilling to invest their attention; short of a full-on intentional stand-up routine they typically demand more of those watching. For audiences willing to engage they can be a real treat. As a streamer I was jealous of those there, in person, because that was the experience I wanted to have. That said, there were merits to the online experience. Most importantly, though, Loviska handles the role with aplomb. This isn't an easy one -- Thom Pain is a circuitous fellow and lives his life before the audience in a series of kind of seemingly atonal, tangential vignettes (as he often asks the audience -- 'do you like magic?' -- h... full review
LISA PECKNOLD certified reviewer August 05, 2021
This was a wonderful and engaging performance. The delivery was crisp and well-timed. I was not familiar with this play prior to seeing Loviska’s preview performance, but left both a fan of the play and the performer.... full review
DIMITRI PORTNOI certified reviewer August 08, 2021
tagged as: witty · Engaging · emotional
Fantastic show. The presentation was surprising and engaging. It was stripped down but with great production values in the visual effects. The story looped around in a way that brought real emotion to the audience. Deeply uncomfortable at times in a way that I couldn’t look away. ... full review
MICHAEL TREW certified reviewer August 09, 2021
It has been far too long since I've gotten to enjoy live theater! I wanted to attend in person, but live in WA state and decided it would be best for me to enjoy the livestream. It featured some things I like, the multi camera angles, the random visual footage and stream of consciousness dialogue delivered in a measured yet unpredictable way.... full review