Thom Pain: Based on Nothing

Drama · breakdowns productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show
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August 09, 2021 certified reviewer
tagged as: comical · insightful · reflective · whimsical

What I liked

See my review. I enjoyed the performance, props, and back-stage did their job.

What I didn't like

Maybe a few mins before or after telling us a bit about the author and play’s history as well as the performance team :)

My overall impression

Andrew Loviska’s subcutaneous humor & unyielding melancholy bring all the existentialists to the yard at this year’s Fringe LA, in Will Eno’s Thom Pain (based on nothing).
In an intentionally rambling monologue, Thom – played by Andrew – aims to tell his life story while he is constantly interrupted by the fact that he’s alive.

For those who are fans of rhythmic language and wacky wordplay, Eno’s script will make you vibrate more deeply than a rhythmic riff on an electric bass guitar. And “Yes, AND”ing on this with a didactic performance that made me experience a full range of emotions; I found Andrew’s on-stage presence teasing me to lean in with curiosity about the inner workings of Thom’s eccentric mind, while at the same time pondering about the Pain that exists in all of us.

A memorable performance at this year’s Fringe; I do recommend catching it if you can.

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