I Have Too Many Feelings

Solo Show · soaring solo studios · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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TL FORSBERG certified reviewer August 10, 2021
This show was deeply clever, witty, truthful, and all-around entertaining. She has a natural way of telling the story that draws you in and keeps you there. Her sense of play in the storytelling lives on the edge of improv and comedic timing! She feels exceptionally free, like a skilled musician guiding her bow across the strings and we can't help but go on her ride! It was fun to see a serious topic handled with so much play!... full review
ANN BROWN uncertified reviewer September 09, 2023
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GRIG WOODS uncertified reviewer April 18, 2023
tagged as: health
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LAMSA AKHERA uncertified reviewer November 10, 2022
NIXAA... full review
ELLIE FOX certified reviewer September 03, 2021
Bethany Vee is a force of nature, a beautiful soul and an incredible writer and performer. Her courage, humour and the warm and honest way she approaches life and her subject material is humbling, inspirational and uplifting. I first saw Bethany perform during the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2018 with her and Maria Wilson's production " Lady Farts". This was an incredible show full of love, honesty and laughter and I couldn't wait to see Bethany's show this year. I have been an active performer, audience member and part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival community since 2011, have seen hundreds of fringe shows and I can honestly say that this is one of the most refined, professional, heartfelt, brave, beautiful, funny and moving productions I... full review
PAMELA COTTAM certified reviewer August 30, 2021
Bethany presented serious issues in a totally relatable discussion that was both serious, sad and funny. Her truthfulness with her sexuality, addiction and life lessons exhibited thoughtful consideration with little self pity.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer August 11, 2021
An excerpt romp through the psyche of the author. ... full review
JACKIE LIPSON certified reviewer August 13, 2021
tagged as: honest · deep · cathartic · funny
Bethany Vee got inside my head, and it's scary in there. But she made it make sense. I've never identified with a one person show more than this. Bethany opened up the dark and confusing parts of herself and shared therapeutic gems with her audience. She brought light to difficult topics surrounding mental health, LGBTQ experience and the complexities of gender. If you want to feel seen, see this show! ... full review
MARIA WILSON certified reviewer August 16, 2021
“I Have Too Many Feelings” is a revelation of a show! I have never seen a live performance before that felt so personal to the performer yet so universally familiar to the rest of us. Bethany does an exquisite job of using her quirky and endearing style of storytelling to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions that any living, breathing human can relate to because she covers A LOT of them (hence the title). Especially ones that are universally taboo or uncomfortable, but she performs them in a way that is so entertaining and down right hilarious that you begin to relate to even the most desperate of her scenarios. Bethany also covers topics such as mental health, shame and codependency through scenes between unconventional characters played... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer August 27, 2021
This show is hysterical!!! It felt like I was watching a Netflix special! I saw it virtually I can’t imagine what’d be like in person!... full review