marbles theatre group · Ages 16+ · Canada

one person show
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Review by anonymous

August 10, 2021 certified reviewer

What I liked

The Easter Bunny was well performed and beautifully directed. Fringe festival shows can be hit and miss, and this was definitely a hit. The pacing was strong, the staging, given that it was a one-person show in a small space, was obviously well thought out and the actor walked a fine line between playing the character’s monstrous qualities and his humanity.

What I didn't like

Lighting and sound could be improved as there were some shadows across the stage and some reverberation in the sound.

My overall impression

I was hesitant about buying tickets for this show given its challenging subject matter, but I wanted to see something that would take me outside of my comfort zone. This play approached the subject matter of the thoughts and “inner world” of a of a sexual predator with tremendous sensitivity and intelligence. The Easter Bunny is a show that will stay with you. It raises ideas and facts that my sister (with whom I watched the play) spent a long time talking about after the performance.

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