I Heart Maroc

solo show · Ages 13+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show world premiere
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August 15, 2021 certified reviewer
tagged as: Truthful · creative · fun · heartfelt

What I liked

I liked the variety of voices and mannerisms for each character, and the consistency when portraying them multiple times during the play. Right away you could tell who was who. There were a lot emotions but it wasn’t overwhelming, and there was fun comical timing that felt relatable.

What I didn't like

Only improvement is to slow it down slightly at the beginning.
As for watching it online, the mics sounded like they were closer to the audience than the performer. The performers voice was completely drowned out when the audience made any laughing sound.

My overall impression

My general impression of I Heart Maroc was that I was taken on this adventure with Azo. The play throughout had depth and allowed me as an audience member to feel a special connection with not just her, but also the characters.

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