urban myths-suburban sluts

theatre · stinki pinki productions · Ages 17+ · United States

Fish sticks ’n french onion dip forever
an assault on every orifice

A spoken word onslaught with the use of white trash invasion costuming and a sticky video/sound environment. Urban myths-suburban sluts, written by Kirsten Macy and Jena Weatherly, is the latest gooey condiment pulled from the Stinki Pen Publishing refrigerator.

Opening and closing the piece is a grocery store feet appetizer and twinkie desert video, sound, and object installation. Then Vision Engine takes you on a spoken word road trip with the Furr family from suburbia heaven to reality ridden hell as a barrage of urban myths affect their ‘perfect lives’ leaving them all contemplating choice, free will and destiny. This 30 minute show surges forward with colorful scripting, questionable costuming and large vats of processed food. The ensemble that makes up this rodeo, beer can production is Parisa Fakhri and Betsy Moore.

Urban myths-suburban sluts is gonzo Sunday school for the credit infected, brain damaged cell phone Me age.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran