The Wake of Dick Johnson

Drama · at variety · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show

The Wake of Dick Johnson is a 2016 theatrical play and feature film produced by Alt Variety and distributed by Amazon. This bleak, dark, dramatic-comedy was written, directed by, and stars Luke H. Walker. The story takes place at the wake of its protagonist Dick Johnson, who returns from death to bitterly ruminate about the afterlife , which according to Johnson is a bleak and endless loop of all the world’s agonies. The feature film was adapted for screen from the 2016 off-broadway play––also written by, directed and starring Walker––and produced under the same title. The play explores themes of quantum entanglement, and alternate dimensions, where the tortured soul inhabits in the hereafter.

The Wake of Dick Johnson explores the agony of life and torture of an alternate universe afterlife, where quantum entanglement challenges our concepts of terrestrial laws of physics.

WARNING: This play contains offensive content, including RACIST terms, BLASPHEMY, themes and depictions of VIOLENCE; SEXISM, ABUSE, and extensive PROFANITY. It is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES only.

Production Team

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