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You’ll be dancing in your seats when Once Upon a Tango an enchanting original tale, told entirely through the dance of Argentine tango hits the stage. Based on real people and events the audience can enjoy the journey of a young woman and a quirky man who, in discovering tango, find each other, and the passion they have been longing for comes to life. This is Argentine tango in its traditional form used creatively via this passionate fairytale of emotions as theatre and dance come together for a magical experience. This show has made appearances all over CA, including Santa Barabara, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Critics say it is "a uniquely delightful show, with expert tango performances.”

Real characters and real settings are pulled from the tango community of Los Angeles and are the genesis of this production. It was in fact five years ago when Dan and De Fazio met at The Tango Room – a real place. They had danced the tango all their lives and their connection was palpable. Dan mentioned, “Argentine tango is the traditional social dance of the country. It’s the ultimate social outlet and brings the whole community together.” Even the real teachers of the dance studio where the protagonists are learning to tango are in the production. The same goes for all the characters in Once Upon a Tango who in real life are professional dancers, as well as social dancers, performers, and event organizers. It’s real, it’s authentic, it’s hot, it’s a great night out.

As for the protagonists, their story of meeting and falling in love through this passionate dance, are a combination of classic tango love stories. The creators of the show chose to develop it this way to show audiences the traditional context of Argentine Tango (social dancing), and inspire people of all ages to learn to tango. De Fazio who has worked with Mikhail Baryshnikov and Placido Domingo knows the power of the stage, “People can come together transform fears to courage, to love. We put the audience (and he gestures to his breast pocket) next to our hearts.” All this magic comes by way of the tango. Giovanna added, “Tango is a unique sensation, the connection causes a chemical reaction.”

Once Upon a Tango is devised by and stars Giovanna Dan & Guillermo De Fazio.

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