Michael's Daughter

theatre · www.michaelsdaughter.org · Ages 18+ · United States

one person show
Set in present day, Ciera tells her story of what it is like to have a father incarcerated in Louisiana prison. She also recounts her experiences of growing up in the 3rd ward of New Orleans, in a 2 bedroom shot-gun house that was home to her drug addicted father, grandmother and alcoholic Aunts. Although her home was a haven for dysfunction, it still held that New Orleans spirit and energy that resonates strength, celebration and unconditional love. All of which gives way for a very unique New Orleans experience! Behind bars, Michael, a former drug dealer and crack addict, administers life advice to his daughter Ciera who struggles on a consistent basis to validate herself as a woman, a daughter, and a spiritual being. In this story Ciera is faced with the decision to forgive her parents and make amends by visiting her father in prison – a journey she avoids and shields with her own promiscuity. Through humor, spirit, and celebration Michael and Ciera’s pain becomes universal to those watching and therefore becomes less painful and more like…LIFE! Ciera depicts her father, her Cajun Aunt Kathy, her beauty queen mother, and New Orleans voodoo priestess Marie Laveau. Each of these characters makes the audience fall in love with them while making it easy to see why Ciera loves them so much.

Production Team

ciera payton *


mary hill *

associate producer

* Fringe Veteran