Life, The Universe and Chris McGowan

theatre · majc entertainment · Ages 18+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

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“The tales of teenage awkwardness and prom-night disappointments, colored with pop-culture references, are undeniably funny” -Backstage

“McGowan’s biggest accomplishment is his script, which is the perfect length and uses self-deprecating humor and his knowledge of the sci-fi genre to good advantage.” -Backstage

To err is to be human. But what if we build a working time machine? We could go to the past and fix all those errors! With the help of Back to the Future, Douglas Adams and hours watching the Science Channel, Chris McGowan may have the answers to his life’s problems – and yours! This show comes with free Schadenfreude! Warning: This show contains spoilers. Check out the HERE for more info!!!

production team

chris mcgowan *

writer & performer

carla snowden *

director & producer

* Fringe Veteran