Disrobed - The Virtual Event

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Review by TONY YOUNG

January 18, 2021 certified reviewer
tagged as: youngnudists!

What I liked

What impressed me was the fact that this production featured a young cast of actors that captured the essence of how young naturists behaved. I’ve been a nudist for 20 years and have met very very few young people, so the nuances of their performances was new to me. But I believed it because their free-spiritness and youthful energy of today’s generation shone very brightly in their characters. I could not have directed better performances, and believe me, I’ve tried. I once had to cut a five minute improv from an actress playing such a nudist because she was totally inaccurate.

What I didn't like

Barely Proper never took the subject too seriously, but I think there could have been a darker or at least a more serious tone toward the end before it gets lighter.

It’s just how I view the subject. And though I laughed at the “son and heir” joke, I didn’t think it needed to be explained. It was worse in the original anyway. Puns are painful.

My overall impression

I’ve read the original play, and wasn’t that impressed. I found it unrelatable and very “White.” I didn’t feel that way with this production. A witty modern adaptation that didn’t rely on the goofiness of the situation.

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