3 Way Lovve

Experimental & Performance Art · maatology productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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LARRY EVANS uncertified reviewer December 28, 2023
The play leaves a strong impression with its skillful blending of Shakespearean elements and modern storytelling. The use of language, <a href="https://geometrydashsubzero.io">geometry dash subzero</a> style, and dialogue captures the essence of Shakespearean verse while making it accessible to modern audiences. The tragic storyline evokes a range of emotions, from love and passion to heartbreak and despair. The incorporation of modern themes and issues adds depth and relevance to the narrative.... full review
WILL JAMES uncertified reviewer July 05, 2023
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SHARI BARRETT broadway world los angeles certified reviewer July 25, 2020
tagged as: lgbtq · gay · ensemble · coming-of-age · Love · acceptance
Thanks to expert online direction by Andrea Jacobs, cast members seemed to be interacting with each other as if in the same room while sharing glasses of wine or a cup of coffee, having sex, or when exchanging props which I will not give away in this review since it would reveal a major plot point that is better left as a surprise.... full review