3 Way Lovve

Experimental & Performance Art · maatology productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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July 25, 2020 broadway world los angeles original article
tagged as: lgbtq · gay · ensemble · coming-of-age · Love · acceptance

What I liked

Of course, when you mix a troubled, street painter with strokes of fame and a palette of unstable relationships along the way, no doubt things will go downhill quickly as emotional outbursts reveal personal insecurities and a real lack of trust between lovers. And to convey the wide range of human emotions authentically takes a cast willing to take risks and lay their souls bare in the process. Such was the case at the performance I attended.

What I didn't like

The pace of the show seemed a bit slow at times, which of course can happen online. There were a few technical glitches which disrupted dialogue, but not to the point of injuring its real content.

My overall impression

Thanks to expert online direction by Andrea Jacobs, cast members seemed to be interacting with each other as if in the same room while sharing glasses of wine or a cup of coffee, having sex, or when exchanging props which I will not give away in this review since it would reveal a major plot point that is better left as a surprise.

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