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one person show

“The message is clear: if you want to live, you need to save your own life.”

In American healthcare, advocating for oneself is a high-stakes move.
In my WOMB, we meet O as she prepares for birth and death.

“A mother births herself as much as another human.” For medically literate mother “O”, coordinating and preparing for birth means experiencing the medical sector’s systemized and horrifically habitual dismissal of patient experience and reproductive realities.

Each 35-minute presentation is followed by a 10-minute Town Hall style conversation.

my WOMB is a solo presentation from the Hall Theater – featuring the true story of birth as experienced by Olivia May; presented by Meredith Barko, and written and directed by Jessica Richmond.

The show is produced by The Hall Theater, and is proceeded by the company’s February 2020 presentation of “WOMB”: an evening dedicated to the modern motherhood experience, 2021 presentation “herWOMB”: a video-art presentation of family creation, and “WOMB, generations”: an audio compilation of birthing experiences (from 1950-2020).

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