Dialogue with Devil

ensemble theatre · dabali theatre · Ages 10+ · Nepal

family friendly

“Dialogue with Devil” is the one of the stories of the Nepalese People who suffered ten years with bloody Maoist insurgency. In 1996 a political group denies with the ruling parties and entered into the jungle to fight against the government with arms and weapons became Maoist. In the village the Maoist rebels come for a night shelter and they spend night there. When nearby police or army knew this then the army or police come to inquiry why they stayed overnight there. Then when this all happened the Maoist again come to the same place to inquire why they come and what did they know about the Maoist etc. In this phenomena 16,000 people killed, many thousands others disappeared and millions displaced from the village to save their life. The play begins with the scene of a rituals being performed toward off evils from village. One day the teacher comes to girl’s house to know about the family members and finds that her father had joined the Maoist and was killed by the army; Unable to bear the loss of her husband, her mother has died of heart attack; her eldest brother had gone to India to escape the insurgency while another had become a Maoist. He is very shocked with harsh reality of the girl and wants to help her. Does the girl survive with in a very hard and heart shaken time? Is teacher helps her to full fill her dream? Play get around the Midst of these questions and uncertainty of life .. .and one day all of sudden the girl disappear from the village.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran