Clown Bar I & II

Comedy · mad acting studio · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere

Long ago Happy left the Clown Bar and the organized clown crime world to work for the good guys. Now his junkie brother Timmy has been murdered and Happy returns to his old life to ask a few questions. But can he go home again without getting sucked into the seedy clown underbelly of vice and violence? Can he survive the gun-toting clowns who used to be his friends or Blinky, the lady clown he left behind?

For the First time ever, Clown Bar II is being brought to the stage. It’s a year later and the Clown Bar is in disrepair and Happy has gone missing. Has he been offed by clown cowboy Brigham Bill or was it an inside job? Two cops who knew Happy when he was on the force go undercover as clowns in the Clown Bar to find out what happened.

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