Hot Flashin' A New Feel Better Musical

Musicals & Operas jrz enterprises · Ages 11+ · family friendly · United States of America

Hot Flashin’, set in any town anywhere, promises to bring a smile to your face by the quick dialogue written and produced by Gina Jourard and the humerus songs written by Tom Pergola. This “Feel Better Musical,” tells the story of a group of 5 women in their “middle to later years, who have seen it all!” These female characters have grown children and limited incomes and are working through the challenges of life in the midst of rising living costs. On top of that they are now thrown together to be in this “singing group” called “The Hot Flashers,” run by a sadistic producer. Somehow they each have the ability to find humor in the stressful moments they confront by their unique life situations and support each other as the producer tries to pit them against each other.
A fun time will be had by all.
Some of the song titles are:
Hot Flashes, My Feet Hurt, Bills, Robbing the Cradle, Don’t Mess With the IRS, Medication Side Effects, Gotta Get to Hollywood, Boob Operation Bring On The Fun.

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