Lies, Anger and Forgiveness

spleen76 · Ages 18+ · Italy

one person show
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August 24, 2021 certified reviewer
tagged as: Beautiful · Impactful · Dynamo · moving

What I liked

I was hooked from her whole performance, but the framing device specifically was intriguing. She used a subject matter that can be very divisive in current American culture, and played with that topic throughout. It provided a fresh basis for her to tell her story and I appreciated it.

What I didn't like


My overall impression

My goodness! Brimming with emotion and energy, Barbara pours her heart out in a story that starts and ends with a bang. She delves into her psyche and watching kept me captivated the whole time as traveled through her dramatic crescendos and dimuendos. She, herself, is a tour de force, as is her show. Must see!!

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