Lies, Anger and Forgiveness

spleen76 · Ages 18+ · Italy

one person show
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August 17, 2021 certified reviewer

What I liked

I loved the pacing, as well as the fact that it was cohesive from beginning to end. There were many parts that struck a cord on personal levels, more specifically the end when she was begging the audience to see her empty hands. My favorite part was when she crawled into the trunk, during the metaphorical regression to her childhood, and told stories about her family, gradually growing from a wide-eyed-three-year-old to an angry teenager, protective of her mother.

What I didn't like

Honestly, I can’t think of anything that would improve this piece except MORE of it. This show could have easily been an hour and I would have still wanted more.

My overall impression

I was blown away. In just thirty minutes, Barbara managed to make me laugh, reduce me to tears, and also make me think about my own personal platforms on the issues within. Her storytelling was cohesive and informative, all the while being tongue in cheek and simultaneously tragic. To say I was touched would be an understatement.

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