Comedy · dean productions theatre company · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere
world premiere

When the apocalypse occurs with little warning, can three inexperienced people and a bunch of binders save the future of humanity?

“ This comedy would strike terror into every space exploration loving citizen, if it weren’t so darn funny! Laugh out loud funny, with wonderful banter. ”
- Karen Fix Curry

The effects of climate change have become the “new normal” across the United States, and it’s been “normal” in much of the world for decades. During the fires in 2018, while wearing an n95 mask and thinking about the future, Rachael originally wrote this absurdist sci-fi play as a 10-minute short. Since then, further climate change adventures encouraged her to develop it into a one act to premier at HFF 2020!

“ With machine-gun quickness, this is the kind of play that leaves you wondering just what happened. Rachael Carnes makes absurd dialogue blend so easily with a bleak future that you laugh and want to cry all at once. A taut, and speedy drama that is deceptive in its depth. ” – Franky Gonzalez

Production Team

rebecca lynne *


john patrick daly *


jeremy leung 

sound designer

rachael carnes 


* Fringe Veteran