Reconsider Me

20 milligrams theatre co. · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere


A motley crew of actor friends gather at a mountain retreat to bury – errr… plant – one of their own. Randy’s star was rising fast when he was suddenly felled by an undiagnosed heart condition. His surviving partner, Madi, seems curiously at peace with the loss, tossing around quotes from Socrates and Epictetus, to the confoundment of her comrades. Is she in denial or in possession of genuine spiritual enlightenment? Meanwhile, Kevin and Cameron are best friends from a time gone-by who once toyed with the idea of a romantic relationship, but went on to lose touch and partner up with others. Added to the mix are TV stars Collette Stone and Dr. Brad, who may have been involved in a love triangle with the deceased; Jane, a pregnant spouse with deep suspicions of her husband; and a strange and mysterious new philosophy-of-life called “Naoism.”

Funny and tender, RECONSIDER ME asks what it means to live a “considered life.”

“All we have is Nao.”

Written by Jeff Dinnell
Directed by Marisa O’Brien


RECONSIDER ME is an incredible show.”

“The writing was phenomenal…”

“I didn’t expect to laugh, to cry, or to care as much as I did about this show.”

“This was a very powerful, compelling drama that was superbly directed, acted, and written!”

“Heartfelt, authentic, and comedic.”

“An exceptional group of actors…”

“Great story, wonderful actors, beautiful writing… Bravo!!

“This talented cast brought rich characters to life as they laughed, cried, interrogated conflicting philosophies, buried their friend, and looked for the sauna.”

“They electrified the intimate & in-the-round venue to create an extremely engaging storytelling experience.”

“The design elements are beautiful (the sound and lighting even transporting at times).”

“Truly SUPERB direction made this piece mesmerizing!”

“The cast was strong, connected, comedic, and heartbreaking in every sense. They captivated the audience and made me feel feelings I wasn’t prepared for.”

“It was riveting to see the cast explore how the bonds of friendship are tested when one of your own is gone.”

“…engaged the audience with cutting-edge discussions involving philosophy, loss, friendship, and the human will.”

“Wow! What a fantastic, emotional, funny, twisty, and wild adventure!”

“Brilliant acting, well-written and complex characters.”

“Bold writing that doesn’t flinch…”

“Jeff Dinnell has spent the time crafting living, breathing characters.”

RECONSIDER ME is a profoundly well-written show…”

“A stellar cast with a story that wisely pushes into its conflict at every turn. A story that never lets its characters get off easy and relishes in that fact.”

“Rich with meaning and thoughtful conversations, it is a play that deserves every ounce of its accolades.”

“Love, sex, death, religion, life, commitment, and the Labyrinth of communication all in one show.”

“One of my favorite elements of seeing fringe shows is the element of the unknown. You never fully know what to expect at any given show, but you always hope to find a gem. This is unequivocally that gem of a show.”

“I deeply recommend taking the time to see this perfect fringe show.”

“An insightful and frequently humorous take on loss, friendship, and longing.”

“Great poignant, witty writing… diverse characters, concise directing, and wonderful performances from all.”

“The playwright elegantly explores paradoxes of life, such as the simultaneous realities of emotional attachment and existential insignificance.”

“The writing edges on the taboo, and it’s embodied beautifully by the actors.”

“I was SO happy and surprised by how great it was!”

“Felt like there were so many aspects all audiences could relate to.”

“…dramatic yet hilarious…”

“…struck me deeply.”

“Left me in tears.”

“…well-written and wonderfully acted.”

“When stories feel like real life it is my absolute favorite.”

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran