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Today, July 29th marks the 37th Anniversary of Luis Buñuel’s death… To commemorate it, we’re doing a VIRTUAL SHOW of “LOVE the Sorcerer” by John R Lacey, a World Premiere for Hollywood Fringe Festival 2020.

Young Salvador Dali (Dave Buzzotta) premieres his and Luis Buñuel’s film “Un Chien Andalou- An Andalucian Dog” in Paris during the Roaring Twenties! There he meets Elena Diakonova (Annita Adamou)- he renames her Gala and she immediately abandons her husband and daughter to move to Barcelona to be with Dali!!! What comes over her- is she possessed by the gypsy “duende” of the “Ritual Fire Dance” she performs? Is Gala his first woman? Was he in love with Federico Garcia Lorca? Or is he still a virgin? Are Dali’s Surrealist powers of persuasion irresistible?

Come see for yourself! The staged reading will be performed via ZOOM, only lasts about 30 minutes and is being livestreamed completely free during Quarantine! But you must still “Buy a Ticket” to reserve your space! You’ll receive a link via email from Hollywood Fringe Festival (please check your email Spam folder!) You can also search in YouTube for LOVE the Sorcerer by John Lacey. OR JUST CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW!!!

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