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world premiere

Picture, if you will, an absurdist, comedic musical with an old-timey vaudeville/cabaret aesthetic set in the near future, when a town nearly ruined by a Monopoly Man villain (a mashup of Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Sam Walton of Walmart, and Elon Musk of Boring Co, Tesla, SpaceX, ad nauseum) is saved by a couple of leftie lesbians and a small group of salt of the earth townspeople! Think Kurt Weill meets Cabaret meets a sci fi dystopian comedy. If you’re willing to picture this, I applaud you.

The musical takes place in the fictional headquarters of Walwartzon, a company town run by the terrible modern day robber baron, Milton P. Moneybags. Moneybags is a monopolist who owns all the jobs, the housing, the transportation, and even the community theater.

In this universe, ideas and propaganda are disseminated by way of musical theater rather than news outlets, so instead of left vs right in news and social media, there are left and right musicals which divide the country. #fakemusical! By owning the community theater, Mr. Moneybags controls the narrative of the entire town. It takes some serious soul-searching, bravery, and the help of a couple of lovable lesbians for the townspeople to stop following their scripted narrative and instead write their own story, banding together to demand better treatment from Moneybags.

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