Exploration Station

Comedy · greater and grander art collective · Ages 5+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere
best friends

It’s a distant time in the future, and humans have made a University on the moon. Exploration Station is a lunar colony where adventurers and explorers devote their lives to scientific experiments and education. One day, a group of students who are members of the World Adventure Scouts, visit with the goal of attending Lunar University, and beg to stay there. After all, they all have notes from their parents.

Together, our gang of rambunctious students (Frank, Stephanie, Jerry, Zak, Lalasa, and others), under the guidance of the all-knowing talking cat (Professor Max Cat), learn about each other and the universe, and befriend the other creatures they encounter.

In this episode, Frank tries to help his friend, Zak, who deals with anxiety and depression, when he learns about the destructive power of black holes.

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Production Team

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