A Course in Movie Magick

Events & Workshops · the hollywood mystery society · Ages 21+ · United States of America

world premiere

Do you want to make a Magnum Opus? Then attend this movie magick workshop! You’ll learn the secret history of Hollywood, the occult principles of filmmaking, and how to cast movie magick spells.

In this Course, there will be magickal demonstrations, short comedic performances, strange happenings, and unexplainable phenomena. At the end of every offering, we will conduct a seance to summon the ghost of Cary Grant, who will answer any of your Hollywood questions for you.

Learn how WKL Dickson invented movie magick, how Edison stole it, and how the independent filmmakers journeyed westward to escape his wrath. Learn how these independent filmmakers founded the Studio System, and why stars sought to escape it!

With this knowledge, you will be prepared to make your own Magnum Opus, a Great Work that will live forever on the Silver Screen!

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