Literary Creatures

Experimental & Performance Art · n/a · Ages 0+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show


For the uninitiated:

Literary Creatures are ethereal beings from the deep center of this goddess we call Earth. Their mission? To encourage spontaneous bursts of sound, poetry, & movement, encouraging the audience to explore playfulness as vulnerability.

Our heroine, A. Ti Nyalien (“a tiny alien”), is a curious but soft-spoken, ethereal creature attempting to bridge the gap between reality and other-worldliness. Set in a quirky, otherworldly alien bathhouse flooded in the vibrant romance of black-lights, neon face-paint, lime green webbing, and fluorescent flowers, audience members are encouraged to participate in her nostalgic cosmic whimsy through narrative games, music, spontaneous poetry, & improvised play.

A participatory performance show, Literary Creatures is gently improvised every night, meant to inspire cathartic release in the audience through repetition, epiphany, intuition, instruction/consent, reckless creation, childlike wonder, & play. Visitors to A. Ti Nyalien’s lovely bathhouse are encouraged to let go of their tired, worn, everyday roles as the evening continually unfolds.


Production Team

* Fringe Veteran