The Book That Won't Close- Confessions of A Love Addict

Solo Show · tl forsberg · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show

THE BOOK THAT WON”T CLOSE (Confessions of A Love Addict)
The show follows a bi-culturally fluid Deaf woman through a series of bad relationships until she meets a Transgender Orgasmic meditation coach who walks her through a self-contained rehab for LOVE ADDICTION to confront her unhealed trauma and shame around the parts of her that are both hearing and Deaf. Through her unique relationship with TREVA, a Trans person who embraces both masculine and feminine, our protagonist learns to claim her place as a sacred Hybrid on the path of healing and integration.

The show is a dark comedy that includes original rock music, dance, video projection, and sign language and is not only inspirational but is “Edu-taining.”
Directed and developed by award winning director Jessica Lynn Johnson. The show is inclusive to both hearing and Deaf audiences through the use of American Sign Language & spoken voice. Rated: 18+

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran