Pulse of the City

coconut theatre productions · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere


“Pulse of the City”, an electrifying new two-act play written by Ms. Courtney Dominique Comer, resonates on many different levels. Some obvious, others more subtly like a haunting that you are not aware of. Yet it’s presence demands your attention as it continually plays on your subconscious. Ms. Comer has crafted a tableau of multi-faceted characters whose lives are blown apart yet delicately interwoven by the same pulse it beats from.
“Pulse of the City” is a glimpse into the lives that run through an “every-man’s city”, but what happens when stresses rise, and we are pushed too far? Protests have erupted, emotions are raw on all socio-economic levels, yet this nuanced work invites you to live and breathe with its characters, from there the choice you make is yours. We are introduced to families and citizens in crisis, all trying to find a way through the nightmare examining how today’s events continue to shape communities caught in the after blast of history. The eloquent spoken word sprinkled throughout makes “Pulse of the City” a delectable offering, leaving the audience stirring for more.
By: Rodney Nugent

Production Team

merryn landry *

anya tremel & heidi

jc thomas *

latice williams & crowd

roger k. weiss *

officer jack dukes

mark v. jones *

officer benjamin porter

todd biggerstaff *

principal lewis

samuel caruana *

rayvon dalmales

kristopher dowling *

rashad dalmales

melanie martin *

estelle williams

jamal henderson *

dr. james basie williams

jerome st. jerome *

councilman cohen and audio technician

james lawson ii *

mayor herman*

mikael mattsson *

michael short & news reporter

lowes moore iii *

enoch williams

courtney dominique comer *

writer, director & recycle

* Fringe Veteran