Kit DeZolt

Kit played Kien in "Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk” on Amazon Prime, Jie in Hulu’s pilot “Citizen” and Nox in “Moon Manor”, available on Showtime. Kit played Steve Chen, YouTube co–founder, in the biopic “Making YouTube” directed by Dax Flame and the starring role of Sweetie in “Pride Weekend”. Kit was a series regular, JJ Lai, on “Boy Luck Club” on Tubi, co-starred on HBO’s “Generation”, English dubbed for Prince Jehyeon in Netflix’s “The King’s Affection” and Chenta/Joaquín on HBO’s “Veneno”and improvised on ABC’s “To Tell The Truth" and NBC’s “Ellen Degeneres Show”. On stage, Kit was a Radio Disney Mousecapades with Walt Disney Corporation and Hogi on the national tour of “Baby Shark Live” and “Baby Shark Live The Christmas Show”. Kit graduated Summa Cum Laude from LMU as a theatre major. IG: @Kit_DeZolt