90’s Hip-Hop Raised Me: A One Woman Show

Solo Show · majority joy media · Ages 12+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere


Hip-Hop Raised Me is a one woman show about a girl growing up during hip-hop’s golden era told through a collage of monologue, stand-up comedy, rap and spoken word. Young Jules, a creative and curious teenager, wants to connect with her father and make him proud but he ignores her inquiries about life and keeps any daddy daughter time to a minimum. Left alone in her room with her rap albums during hip-hops golden era (mid 90’s) she finds a world she can connect with and be a part of emerging from her speakers. Coming of age during Hip Hop’s golden era she finds that the music gives her access to worlds outside of her own. It also gives her answers to the questions her father refuses to answer and the courage to follow her dreams.

Production Team

azania shange *

house/stage manager

malaika jules *


* Fringe Veteran