steve trzaska · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show
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June 21, 2022 certified reviewer
tagged as: high energy · dramedy · fun · catchy · lgbtq · ginger · musical

What I liked

As human beings, we all struggle. It’s easy to pick on others who societally we think are less than, even red heads. Of the multiple characters Trzaska has created from aspects of himself or imagination, the audience is able to see themselves represented even if they are not themselves a ginger and identify with their struggles. In a world that is divided, this is a piece which inspires empathy and unity for those we think of as “other”.

What I didn't like

I would love to see this piece in a larger space with a large budget. Although this very much works in a small space on a small budget, I would love to see the larger spectacle the piece deserves with a full band, possibly projections, spectacular full wardrobe changes, etc.

My overall impression

A very unique, high energy musical showcase invoking empathy and awareness for the ginger and LGBTQ+ community. Clever and catchy songs. A wonderful balance of comedy and drama. Great pacing. Never a dull moment!

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