Sunday Night at Jane's

the dramaterds · Ages 11+ · United States of America

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Review by anonymous

June 21, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

I enjoyed this because the characters we were developed. The actress that plays Samantha, Mariana Aroxa, did a phenomenal job. The show was 65 mins which I appreciated because never at any point did I feel like the show was dragging on. I was able to stay engaged throughout the whole show and genuinely cared about the resolutions for each character. I laughed and I cried, and overall really enjoyed spending my Sunday night at Jane’s.

What I didn't like

One character that felt a little under-developed was Ben. While Roy Gutierrez did a wonderful job portraying the character, the character overall felt like he was simply there, and did not add much to the plot of the story.

My overall impression

I enjoyed this show much more than I was expecting to. I was invited by a friend and wanted to go support, so I bought a ticket. I did not go in to the show with any expectations, and am glad that it ended up being a really enjoyable show to see.

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