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immersive theatre · 2cents theatre company · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 21, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The evening starts with you (the students) arriving for the Student Boddy President elections. As you arrive, you start mingling with the various characters (8 candidates, the principal, janitor, and various other teachers and staff).

During the elections, someone dies (obviously), and the murderer has set up a little game for you in order to try and catch them. After the rules are read, we are divided up into teams and set loose to explore the various spaces, solve puzzles, talk to the various characters, and ultimately discover Who, Why, and with What.

The puzzles and character interactions were incredibly fun and exciting, and the use of space was great. All the actors had wonderfully developed characters and were on point at interacting with us and responding to our questions.

There are 8 different possible endings, so this is a MUST DO show more than once!

What I didn't like

As this was their opening night, and first time in a new space, it was clear everyone was still settling in, so some things will definitely be ironed out with time.

Overall, it was very difficult to follow the plot throughout, and even though I ended up on the murderer’s team and helped murder others (super fun!), I didn’t understand the why at the end. Instead of just solving for clues to eliminate who didn’t do it, it would have been nice to gain more insight into potential motives, etc. The characters also ran out of clues, so even though we solved puzzles, we ended up not getting any clues for some of them.

The evening was still very fun, but a stronger through-story would have made it incredible!

My overall impression

A live-action Clue-Meets-Escape-Room immersive game, where you might end up being one of the murderers! A crazy fun night of puzzle-solving, murder mayhem!

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